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Zoom start up is a Professional Consulting Firm having diverse experience Business sale & purchase, New Business set up and management, Business related Immigration and Legal services all over Canada.

Real Estate

Real estate’s always a hot topic no matter in which field that you work. That’s why we help you with your review of real estate documents like lease agreements, agreements of purchase and sale, tenancy agreements, and further. We will also take care of your real estate investments & transactions such as purchases, sales, and refinances.

Zoom Start Ups

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Buying/Selling a Business

Thinking of exiting your business or entering into another? We’ve got you covered on this one too. We’ll take care of asset sales or share sales entirely over videoconference or at the comfort of your workplace. We’ll make sure you’re protected and you’re getting you’ve bargained for.

Day to Day Business Advice

We know that you may have a ton of legal questions about your business, and they don’t necessarily fit into the categories listed here. Feel free to call or email us with your questions and we’ll respond to your questions as soon as we can.


When you need to know what to do to hire an employee or terminate employee, we’re a phone call away. We’ll discuss with you the legalities involved in incoming or outgoing employees. We also know that small businesses are nervous about Covid-19 and are unsure of how to manage their staff during this time, we’ll help you navigate these uncertain times.


We help Businesses accomplish strong results by providing optimum business solutions. We can grow strong together!

You are a well-established Business in Your home country and aspire to enter the Canadian business arena; Rest assured, we will help You achieve Your goals. From the idea generation phase to feasibility study, business plan development, launch of Your products or services, establishing a Branch Office or Distribution Network or finding a Distributor in Canada, we will do it for You.

Whatever Your business needs are, we will evaluate the requirements and will provide You with SMART and cost-effective solutions.

You can count on us as Your extended Team based in Canada. We will help You build a long-term, robust and sustainable Business Entity in North America.

Core Values

What We Believe in and Practice Everyday!

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    We define Quality as Client's business needs whether express or implied that we translate into specifications in order to help achieve the desired project deliverables.

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    Safety and Environmental Responsibility

    We are Committed to creating a Sustainable, Safe and Healthy Work Environment where people care for each other and the environment.

  • 3.


    We act with Professional Integrity to safeguard the interests of our Clients at all times. Our team members and sub contractors exhibit the highest ethical standards in our operations and dealings

  • 4.


    We leverage technology, proven methodologies and think outside of the box to create superior Value for our Clients.

  • 5.

    Teamwork and Respect

    We respect others and believe in achieving true Synergy by combining innovative ideas, experiences, energies, resources and processes to make the whole greater than the sum of its parts.

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    We take ownership by ensuring that the assigned projects are completed on time, within budget, meeting or exceeding the agreed specifications and project milestones.

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An Ever-Growing Economy

With an ever-growing economy, Canada facilitates International business owners. Many such business owners and business immigrants wonder whether they can move their companies to Canada and the fears that come along with moving to a new country exist in their minds when making a decision.

The steps to moving your company to Canada are fairly straightforward. We will help break down the complexities and highlight the benefits of moving your company. The following are some reasons which attract entrepreneurs all over the world to benefit from opportunities that Canada has to offer to them.

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How to Expand Your Business to Canada?

Expanding one’s business to Canada involves a well-designed legal process. The process may take approximately 12 to 18 months if followed accordingly. The steps to follow are:

1. Check if your company is eligible to expand to Canada under the Intra-Company Transferee (ICT) Program

Not all business owners can move their companies to Canada and to do so you must comply with the following requirements:

  • A company in your country must be active, selling, or providing services at the moment.

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