Our corporate immigration and mobility services include:

Establish the best strategies

Analysis to establish the best strategies for the mobility of foreign workers free of charge

Total application submissions

Production and submission of temporary and permanent status applications

Support for the employer

Especially during compliance examinations or inspections

Information sessions

With the Human Resources Department to ensure in-house training as well as with foreign workers to inform them of the steps required to obtain permanent residence

Legal obligation information

Consultations regarding the Employer’s legal obligations during and after the work permit process

Valuable tips

Advice and official representation throughout the process, notably regarding travel restrictions, exemptions, quarantine obligations and preparation for arrival in the context of COVID19


We understand that foreign workers are often at the heart of your business’ success.

In a world where companies must often rely on foreign workers to remain competitive, ZoomStartUps startup Corp Canada offers a complete line of services to ensure that your business workers will be able to work lawfully in Canada and in the United States.

Why choose ZoomStartUps?

ZoomStartUps brings together lawyers and RCIC'S with many years of experience in immigration, whether temporary or permanent, as well citizenship. The firm is based in the heart of Mississauga. ZoomStartUps approach distinguishes itself by the rigour of its work, its personalized service, and its use of information technology. The firm also offers a pedagogical approach to employers, providing in-company training. ZoomStartUps startup provides guidance to its corporate clients to ensure, among other things, that deadlines and adequate follow-up are respected, thereby offering true management of the mobility of foreign workers within companies. Our team members speak, among other languages English, French, Hindi and Punjabi.


What we offer

Canada work permits

Identifying the right type of work permit or visa is an extremely sensitive and important issue

USA work permit

Are you seeking to hire a foreign talent or transfer executives to an existing U.S. branch or plan to establish one

Global talent stream

Allows certain high skilled workers to obtain a work permit in as fast as tow weeks for visa exempt nationals.


Canada Work Permits

Are you an immigrant or a skilled worker looking to work for a Canadian employer? Well, if you’re not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, you need to apply for a closed or open work permit. Similarly, if you’re visiting Canada for business purposes, you’ll need to obtain a business visitor visa. Identifying the right type of work permit or visa is an extremely sensitive and important issue. Getting a work visa in Canada as a temporary resident requires a careful examination of your circumstances to ensure compliance with Canadian law, while finding the smoothest solution available to you. Like with any important business move, it is important to have a good plan. And like with business, finding the right partners and advisors is often an important part of the solution.

LMIA based work permit process

By default, the submission of an application for a work permit must be accompanied by the result of a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). LMIA is a document whose objective is to show that no Canadians are available to fill said employment position. In most cases, the Canadian employer may need to obtain an LMIA before hiring a foreign worker, unless an exemption is applicable. A positive LMIA confirms the need for an employer to hire a foreign worker to do the job. It also states that no Canadian worker is available. However, some permits are exempt from this long and costly process. When evaluating options for a potential client, it is important to assess whether the prospect would qualify for an exemption.


USA Work Permits

In today’s global market, international mobility solutions are key to your business’ success. Whether you are an American or international company seeking to hire foreign talent or transfer executives to an existing U.S. branch or plan to establish one, we can facilitate the process for you. If you are an employee and wish to work for an American employer or if you plan to engage in trade or invest in the US, we can assist you in obtaining the right work permit.

H-1B Highly-skilled occupations

The US H-1B visa is a nonimmigrant visa offering up to a three-year work authorization (extendible for another three years) for three categories of workers. Specialty occupations workers Employed in an eligible Department of Defense cooperative R&D project Fashion models of prominence. This visa has a strict annual cap with exemptions available for specific categories of highly-skilled occupations requiring advanced educational qualifications. Applying for a H-1B visa is an extremely complicated process requiring careful assessment of various factors including: Whether your occupation is a specialty occupation? Whether you qualify for the Labor Condition Application? Whether your job offer complies with requirements related to wages and working conditions? Our team is fully equipped to assist you through the entire process from the initial application till final approval, including submissions related to Requests for Evidence, if any, raised by the immigration authorities. It is a good path towards applying for U.S. permanent residency.

Global Talent Stream: A fast track for high skilled workers

Canada wants to attract innovative companies and high skilled workers. However, the processing time to get work permits for foreign workers can sometimes be a major hassle for fast-growing companies. That’s why in 2017 the Canadian government created the Global Talent Stream in order to allow certain high skilled workers to obtain a work permit in as fast as (2) two weeks for visa-exempt nationals.